| 04 August 2008 | Reader Rabbit
It seems that whenever I get these books, I always have something more important to do. So I always think, hey, I'll just read a chapter and then get back to work. But, it's never worked in the past and once again, with this book, I failed. Within the first chapter, Darren Shan had hooked my attention and I desperately wanted to know what was going to happen. And, oh, this book was good. It's definitely my favourite in the series.Despite the warnings on all the covers (seriously scary), the Demonata books haven't scared me. They've entertained me, excited me and (occasionally) grossed me out but every book has failed to scare me. Until now. At times I found myself pausing and staring at the page I read in complete shock and horror as to what had just happened.The novel reminded me a little of Harry Potter 6. You know, the moment when you realize the true danger Harry's in and the looming threat is no longer just looming but there. In this book, it's the same. Everything here is enhanced, so to speak. The demons are more gruesome, the tension more pronounced, the stakes higher. Also, having Bec as the narrator made the novel seem more serious and the situation more dangerous as she truly knows the danger they're in.And, finally, all the plot threads are coming together. Darren Shan has a huge, complex plot going on in the series and I think he's pulling it off. Fans of the previous book will not be disappointed in this novel. I know I wasn't.
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