Sunday Herald (UK) | 29 April 2010 | Amy White
DEATH'S Shadow, the seventh book in the Demonata series, is written from the point of view of the female protagonist Bec, a fifth-century priestess who was recently released from her imprisonment in a dimensional rift. Bec is one of the three pieces of the Kah-gash, a legendary weapon that can destroy universes.The concept of the series is that magic-wielding humans called the Disciples fight and kill demons that foray into our world to kill and eat people. In this book, Bec is trying to adjust to our time with the help of Dervish and Meera while Kernel and Grubbs are away in the demon universe fighting. However, fate has other plans and there is an attack on the manor by werewolves and humans, causing Bec, Meera and Dervish to flee. Forced to go to hospital after Dervish has a heart attack, they meet an old enemy and things start to go downhill.This is a really good book with plenty of exciting battles, twists and turns. But it is important to read the other six books first to fully understand what's happening.
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