teenreads.com | 29 April 2010 | Sally M. Tibbetts
I felt myself drawn to the dead boy. As my spirit seeped into his corpse, I found myself capable of restoring the body's functions. …Bill-E drew breath…and so did I. My first free breath after sixteen hundred years of imprisonment. No words can describe the deliciousness of that…but that's when my problems really began.Bec has been able to take over Bill-E's dying body and is now living with his uncle Dervish in Carcery Vale. She has assumed Bill-E's memories and can (reluctantly) relate many of Bill-E's thoughts to the grieving Dervish. Bec finds all of this very painful. She wants to move forward, to enjoy her new "being" and to continue the fight against Lord Loss and the legions of demons. Unfortunately, Dervish seems unable to see Bec for the strong, spiritual force she is and seeks her out only as a link to Bill-E.Being back among the living allows Bec access to Beranabus (now known as Bran). However, the old wizard has once again chosen to leave Bec behind as he and his assistants, Kernel Fleck and Grubbs Grady, enter the demon's universe to fight. He is protective of Bec (especially after her 1,600 years of imprisonment in the cave) and wants to save her from the hellish encounters. Another element comes into play as Beranabus knows that the combination of Bec, Grubbs and Kernel form the powerful Kah-Gash. Together, these three have the power to vanquish the demons that move to destroy them all.One of Dervish's old friends, Meera, shows up at the old mansion to help her dear friend heal from his recent heartbreak. In the process she helps open up the communication between Dervish and Bec. As Bec struggles to find her new place in this world, she also discovers that sensations she gets when she touches people help her pick up their life images. This, along with Bill-E's memories, almost overloads her during her adjustments. All of these things come into play when, at last, she is forced back into a position of fighting the demonata.Just as Bec, Meera and Dervish are feeling comfortable with one another, the house is invaded by werewolves. The first of the creatures sticks its head around the corner. It's recognizably human, but twisted out of normal shape. It has unnatural yellow eyes. Dark hair sprouts form its face, and its teeth have lengthened into fangs. They look too large for its mouth. From here they are swept back into Lord Loss's realm. Not only do they face the brutal demonata again, but they discover that there is an even more powerful force known as the Shadow overseeing the potential destruction of the human race. Joining forces with Beranabus, the Kah-Gash and other friends face brutal horrors and death together. Not everyone will survive.DEATH’S SHADOW is just as bloody and exciting as the previous books in Darren Shan’s series. Fans are absolutely going to love it! With twists and turns the action heats up to an exciting climax. We can't keep it on our shelves, and as always, there's an eager audience awaiting the next Demonata installment.
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