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There are two things that Grubbs regrets the most: letting his transformation take away the lives of the ones he loved, and trusting Juni. When we last left him, Grubbs was on a plane ride with Juni, who promised to take care of him and love him. But while on board, Juni's true colors appeared, and they weren't so pretty.Turns out she had been working for Lord Loss and had used Grubbs' secrets and trust against him, lying to not only him but also to Dervish, who had fallen for her as well.Now Grubbs is trying to fend for himself, which isn't looking so bright since Lord Loss' little helpers are happily feeding on the passengers on the plane, while Lord Loss himself is trying to take Grubbs into his realm. Of course, Grubbs would rather die than to have to go with Lord Loss. But there isn't much he can do since no one is there to help him fight off all of the demons.Then an unlikely hero comes and saves Grubbs. Yet Grubbs knows that this isn't the end of Lord Loss, who is furious at him for ruining his game of chess. He knows that Lord Loss will not let anything stand in his way while trying to take revenge, but Grubbs isn't giving up without a fight. He survived more than once. He can surely survive again, right?Edgy, intense, and more gruesome than the other novels in THE DEMONATA series, Darren Shan does it again with DEMON APOCALYPSE, creating a captivating novel that will leave you speechless. Darker than ever, we are just glad to see Grubbs be the one to save the world, because without him, who can?
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