CIAO (UK) | 28 April 2010 | Ben (aged 12)
Darren Shan, author of the great cirque du freak trilogy, comes out with yet another great series, in this case the series of the Demonata. It kicked off with the previous book, Lord Loss, in which we follow a different boy around, and his adventures with a demon called Lord Loss.In this book, we follow another boy, Kernel Fleck round, and see how his life takes a turn for the worse as he enters the dimensions of the demonata...Kernel Fleck is a boy, a bit of an outcast , who lives in a city and goes to school there, however he has never really fitted in, what with a name like that, and also the fact that he can see lights. He can summon them, play with them, turn them whatever way. He has become used to the fact that no-one else can see them. However, Kernel has always liked being an outcast, on his own, but now he wants to be liked, wanted.So he and his family move to Paskinston, a rural, quiet village. Kernel is still not entirely happy, but at least he is liked, so that doesn't bother him anymore. But then disaster strikes in a very odd form - a demonic creature appears out of nowhere in his school and annaihilates all of the children and steals Kernels best friend, three-year old brother Art.The creature jumps through a window of light that is rapidly closing, and Kernel has to make a choice - does he follow the monster, or stay put? He follows through the window, and finds some people who are part of a group called the disciples. He joins them, and they join him in the hunt for his brother...An excellent read, within the first chapter it gets you hooked, and every chapter ends with you hungry for more. It is not a book for people who like happy beginnings, middles or ends. In fact it is a whole book of hooking, scary misery. But still an enthralling read. The age group is 11+, I'd say as I am 12 and reading it fine.MAIN CHARACTERSKernel Fleck - The main character, our brave hero who is forced to make some horrendous decisions throughout the book.Mr.and Mrs. Fleck - His parents, who don't get much of a part in the book.Art Fleck - Whose actual name plays a massive part in the climax of the book.Cadaver - Who we are led to belive is the Demon Thief...Lord Loss - His master, apparently a neutral demon, although he seems pretty evil to me!!!Beranabus - The leader of the disciples, who people either hate or respect and follow.If you like the following authors, then you are likely to like Demon Thief...Eoin Colfer Anthony Horowitz Lemony Snicket Nigel Hinton Marcus Sedgewick Alex ShearerThe cover is powerful and eye-catching and depicts the image of Cadaver, the Demon that stole Art. The cover is done out in Green.
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