| 27 August 2006 | Athena Schaffer aka The Crowgrrl
The second book in Darren Shan’s series The Demonata is out: Demon Thief, and it seriously dishes up some Hellish scares!Growing up "different" is never easy even in the best of circumstances. But young Kernel Fleck has more than an unusual name to worry about with his peers – he has an unusual psychic ability to see "lights" in geometric shapes. He thinks this is normal, until he says something about it in class, and discovers this sets him apart from his peers, who shun him.He can move these lights around with his mind and when alone, does so like others would work a jigsaw puzzle. Until one fateful night – they come together and create a portal to another world – a window in which a demon appears!Not remembering what happened after seeing the demonic visage, he awakens in his room, holding his little brother, with his parents in hysterics. He had been gone for days; vanished, disappeared, with police looking for him. Kernel is unable to answer his parents’ or official’s questions about his whereabouts during the disappearance. Because of the trauma of the event, the parents pack up the family and move to an idyllic small town.But trouble soon follows. A witch living in the town also has the power to open the same portals made of the astral lights, and unleashes a murderous demon onto a group of schoolchildren. Four demon hunters also come through the portal as the horrific slaughter is in progress. The demon grabs Kernel’s baby brother, and dives back into the portal with him!Kernel has no choice but to join the demon hunters and go back through the portal with them – into other-dimensional worlds where time runs differently than our own plane of existence. They hunt this demon, Cadaver, through world after world, each more nightmarish than the previous. Can they save Kernel’s baby brother? What devilish designs does Cadaver have in mind for the child? And more importantly, can Kernel and his cohorts even survive the frightening dimensions they find themselves in?This tome stands independently of the first installment in the series, Lord Loss, but as the reader gets deeper into the story, they’ll find elements that do indeed tie the two together. Fiendishly fun.
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