teenreads.com | 28 April 2010 | Sally M Tibbetts
Demonata definition: They exist in a multiworld universe of their own. They've been around as long as mankind, maybe longer. Evil, murderous creatures, who revel in torment and slaughter. They try to cross over into our world all the time...Kernel (Cornelius) Fleck is weird --- everyone thinks so and even he thinks so. The kids at school make fun of him and call him a freak. Maybe he is a freak because he does see the lights. The lights swirl through the air and Kernel can actually touch them and move them when he chooses. One time he thought everyone saw the lights, but when he said anything it got him into big trouble --- and now even his parents are a little wary of him. He knows to keep it to himself, but this also makes him very lonely. Like any teenager he wants to belong, to have friends to share things with, to be picked for their teams and to talk about video games with. He is at a breaking point:...Nobody likes me. I'm wasting my time. This past week, I've got to thinking that I'm wasting my entire life. I've had dark, horrible thoughts, where I can only see one way out, one way of stopping the pain and loneliness. I know it's wrong to think that way --- life can never be that bad --- but it's hard not to. I cry when I'm alone...In his state of desperation, Kernel accidentally pushes himself into another world --- a world of horror beyond one's wildest dreams. Through the pulsating lights, Kernel discovers that these lights are actually windows. Beyond the windows demons claw and reach for him. He has little memory of his first encounter except that he must have been missing for a few days. He could not make his parents believe what had happened. Even he can't believe it. But he knows the most important thing now is to protect his little brother, Art, because he senses that somehow Art is very important to these creatures.Although he tries to warn everyone that something terrible is about to happen, his voice is not heard until it's too late. Kernel witnesses some of the most heartwrenching blood baths imaginable and loses his little brother to the dark demon known as Cadaver. He knows that he will risk everything to find Art and so chooses to go into the Demonata world. In this grizzly world his search helps him discover amazing things about himself and forge new friendships. It also ends his childhood and any hope he has of ever being a normal boy.Be warned that Darren Shan brings more blood and gore to this second book in his Demonata series. A whole new cast of characters is introduced to readers, except for the reappearance of the horrible Lord Loss, the central demon behind the chaos and destruction of the human race. The scene in which the demons destroy Kernel's teacher and classmates is, without doubt, one of the most disturbing ever. These books are as graphic and disquieting as any violent war movie. No, they are not for the faint of heart. But for those who are willing, be ready for a wild, violent, non-stop action adventure. Book three, SLAWTER, will be out in November.
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