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As these are such short books I'm going to review them 3 at a time. I've been meaning to read these for a while (one of my friends has been pestering me for years) and I've now been made to borrow them. Apologies for any plot spoilers. It's kinda hard not to give away some.

Book One - Cirque Du Freak follows Darren as he visits a travelling freak show with his friend Steve, makes some shocking discoveries and makes decisions that will change his life forever.


Book Two - The Vampire's Assistant follows Darren as he learns more about his new life as Mr Crepsley's assistant, his struggle against drinking human blood, reuniting with the Cirque and making new friends with devastating consequences.


Book Three - Tunnels of Blood follows Darren, Evra and Mr Crepsley to a city where someone is draining humans of blood, and Darren thinks it may be someone close to him...


So far, I've really enjoyed these books. At first I found it hard to connect with Darren, as he starts off quite young in the series (me and my friend reckon he's around 10) and lets face it, I really couldn't care less about the footie games etc. that young boys are obsessed with. The more the series progresses the more I've enjoyed it. So far Tunnels of Blood has been my favourite, mainly due to the twist at the end (which is predictable but enjoyable all the same).


I find all the characters interesting - my favourite acts are Evra and Truska. Both are good friends for Darren and are just nice characters. I'm very intregued by Mr Desmond Tiny and his Little People. I want to find out more about them but at the same time I really don't. I also can't wait for Steve's epic return after his threat at the end of the first book...


So yeah. I can't wait for Darren to get a little bit older just because it'll be easier to relate to him and I really need to thank my friend for making me read these...

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