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Time for the next 3 books! It's taking me far longer than I would've liked to get through these considering how short they are but oh well. Again there will be plot spoilers. I'm sorry but doing it this way it's really hard to avoid...
Book Four - Vampire Mountain - Darren, Mr Krepsley have to make the dangerous trek up Vampire Mountain so that Darren can be introduced to the Vampire Princes...


Book Five - Trials of Death follows Darren as he is put through his paces to prove himself worthy of joining the vampire ranks.


Book Six - The Vampire Prince sees Darren after uncovering a plot to destroy the clan, and what he has to do to stop it, even if it means his death.


The books really started getting interesting from this point. I loved finding out more about how Vampire politics worked, and thought the Princes and generals were brilliant. The array of characters really built up the world and kept it interesting. It was also easier to read as Darren was older (though not in appearance).


Vampire Mountain though, was a bit of a slow book. Very little happened, it seems its just there to set the scene for the future books. We meet a lot of new characters, Gavner Purl and Arra Sails being my favourites. The little fight between Arra and Darren was a highlight for me. I also really liked Harkat Mulds, our Little Person who finds his voice. Though the ellipses when he speaks did get on my nerves.


I found the Trials of Death interesting and really well thought out, each of them you can potentially survive but they are dangerous enough to stop just anyone from trying their hand at them. And the ending. Most of it I'd guessed at (though my friend refused to give any hints which was really annoying!). I was not happy with the death. Not in the slightest. And has anyone else noticed their is some form of death in every book?


The Vampire Prince - well! I LOVE THE WOLVES. They're just so darn cute! Darren really started to grow up in this book and accept the consequences of his actions. Again the death in this book gutted me. I was not happy. But the ending more than made up for it - I was literally sat reading with my jaw hanging open (so attractive!) while my friend cackled in the background. I did not see that coming - and it was the first of many surprises this series had in store for me.


Would love to hear some of your opinions on these books!

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