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I've now completed the series but due to my laptop being poorly I haven't been able to post in weeks! Anywho - the next three Darren Shan books. My friend told me after I read the first couple that they just keep getting better and better - and I didn't believe him in the slightest. But boy - they go from readable, to enjoyable to OH MY GOD I CAN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN very quickly! Again, sorry for the spoilers but it is getting increasingly difficult! I'm hoping most of you guys have read them though, or at least plan to ASAP!


Book 7 - Hunters of the Dusk - Now that the Vampaneze Lord has been found, Mr Tiny informs the Vampire Princes that there are 3 hunters with the power to defeat him. Darren and Mr Crepsley must travel together to find the third hunter and band together to defeat the Vampaneze Lord before it is too late...


Book 8 - Allies of the Night - After one failed attempt Darren and co. find themselves back in Mr Crepsleys hometown - and some familiar faces make a return.


Book 9 - Killers of the Dawn - On the run from the police our hunters have to find a way to face off with the Vampaneze Lord for the third and final time - but what must be sacrificed?


Again I found the first of these as more of a scene setter. It had good moments but the book overall felt like it moved quite slowly. We did however, get to meet Evanna (who most definitely is not a witch!). I think she is an absolutely fabulous character - and I love the reason behind Mr Crepsley's scar!


Allies of the Night and Killers of the Dawn were two parts of the same story and I do not envy people who read these as they came out - as soon as I finished one I had to pick the next straight away!
The return of some friendly (and some not-so-friendly) didn't surprise me overly. I knew we would see Debbie and Steve again, but I didn't imagine seeing R.V.! Loved the hands though. Debbie's return was too convinent for my taste and the sort-of rekindling of her's and Darren's romance was weird. I know technically they're the same age or near enough, but Debbie is in her late twenties while Darren still looks 15. But that may just be my cynical cold heart. And we did need someone to be a damsel in distress.


Steve - I totally expected everything that happened. I said it from the first moment I read about the Vampaneze Lord (not that my friend would give any spoilers!). But the end of Killers of the Dawn upset me. Especially the way you're given amazing hope and it is snatched from you in one little sentence. My face went from gobsmacked, to a big cheesy grin to utter devastation. I was not happy with Darren Shan for writing it. I was even more upset with my friend for making me read a series that seemed intent to tear my soul into little pieces (which it did).


So yeah. 3 more to go. Not gonna lie, I didn't want the series to end! But the end is so worth it!

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