Fantasy Book Critic | 21 August 2010 | Mihir Wanchoo

Darren Shan has created a fascinating Noir-mystery-UF combo here and it focuses upon Incan myths. The biggest draw about this tale is its setting, the unnamed City is itself a character and even though its origins and name have not been specified, hints are provided for it to be set in the North American continent.


The writing style and the first person voice draw the reader in and sustains them till the end of this tale. While the ending revelation seemed apropos and fitting for me, it might be a hit and miss for some. Keep an open mind with this book and the ending might be a pleasant surprise.


In the end I would gladly recommend this book as I went without any prior knowledge about the author and found the tale to be visceral and fascinating in its own dark way. This book was one of my top reads and I'm gladly looking forward to the next book in the City trilogy to see where the author goes from the stunning finale of the "Procession of the Dead".

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