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I 'm really a big fan of Darren Shan. I read  the Cirque du Freak a few years ago and discovered that it was actually the first true vampire series that I 've read. I was so happy every time when a new book came out .


When the series ended , I actually lost sight of Darren Shan. I just went to look with my last pounds at the airport for Bristol in Waterstones and saw this book. Without reading the back I bought it and when I started it, I read it in one go. Oh that Darren Shan is still good!


The book begins with a scene where an assassin commits murder. And then you go at once to the life of the writer Ed Sieveking. He is working on a new book and doing this research in London. He will be given help from a fan, Joe .


Ed meets a woman at a party , where he falls in love , but it 's not entirely fair .


The book, Joe and the woman have to do all three. Together. But what then? You should invent but yourself.


I started this and did not really put it aside. So I got on a Sunday the whole book read . At one time, about 100 pages before the end, you think you've discovered the plot... but no, then there will be a twist and you will be totally lost .


Do you like supernatural stories, exciting thrillers and Darren Shan? Then this is another book for you. Ooh what have I enjoyed saying. Darren Shan rocks so hard again with this book, my love for him is back .


Verdict: 9

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