Fiction Fascination | 01 November 2013 | Carly

Zom-B Angels picks up right after the big annoying cliffhanger at the end of Zom-B City!


Darren Shan takes us yet again to another new environment, which is even more interesting and in-depth than the last. We get some much needed answers and some of the revelations blew my socks off!


We are introduced to some fabulous new characters, but in particular I loved the intriguing Dr Oystein - who seems to hold all of the answers in the palm of his hands. I found myself wanting to hear all he had to say, the way in which he revealed things slowly drove me insane though.


B is thrown into Dr Oystein's little haven and she has to hit the ground running. She has a lot to discover and explore to get the answers she so desperately seeks. The revivalised here are called Angels and are trained hard on a daily basis by a tough master. But will B even choose to stay? Could she ever pass the tests needed to become an Angel?


I liked so much about this storyline, especially the complexity that has now been added with the big revelations. But it has to be said, on a personal level, I didn't like the (as I call it) 'God card'! It didn't overpower the storyline or anything but it's just something that personally I'm not a fan of.


Things have left off so brilliantly for more awesome things to come in the next book, Zom-B Baby - which I have already read and is bloody brilliant!! Gimme more....


3 / 5 Stars!

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