Fiction Fascination | 23 May 2014 | Carly

You know, I live for these devilishly moreish Zom-B books! Just look at the artwork on that front cover - the guys over at Simon & Schuster always do a cracking job!


Zom-B Mission sees B, and her group actually getting to go out in the big bad world on their very first mission! What an action packed mission it was. There were lots of interesting little tidbits, also some old faces and lots of big shockers to keep you glued!


I always love diving into Shan's explosively gruesome worlds, because you can never quite know what to expect. Again, I've stumbled across things that I never could of possibly imagined would of been tucked among these pages. Mr Shan knows how to keep readers hooked and wanting more.


The illustrations are always a big plus. I read like a wild thing in search of catching a glimpse of the next one. I really do think they add a lot to the overall story.


Zom-B Mission takes us on a new journey out of the city. It's interesting to see the group work as a team and for B not to be flying solo. The action and surprises are on from the off and the end comes all too soon for my liking. Why oh why can't these books be longer? Bring on the next adventure already....


3.5 / 5 stars

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