Fiction Fascination | 18 November 2014 | Carly

I cracked open Zom-B Family with the highest of expectations and I was not disappointed! Mr Shan never lets me down – this was yet again another kick-ass instalment that gripped me from beginning to end!


This particular instalment was filled with blood, gore and all means of twisted games. Things got a whole lot darker and a whole lot bloodier. I expected nothing less with the wicked Dan Dan firmly back in play. I loved each disturbingly bloody scene – Shan’s descriptors are totally ace!


There were a lot of shockers throughout this story and I was never too sure which direction things would go. I sat on the very edge of my seat, excited to see what decisions other characters would make. As usual, B, was her snarky self – her super smart one-liners are just brilliant. I really enjoyed seeing her dysfunctional fatherly bond in play.


The ending!? Grrrr!


Zom-B Family is an excellent 9th book in a highly addictive series. Personally I think Darren Shan is an evil genius and I have absolutely no idea where he’s going with the series…but I know I’m going to be shocked. Bring on Zom-B Bride already!!


4/5 Stars!

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