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I’m totally in love with this book! So welcome to another fangirling session about one of my favorite series Darren Shan is knocking it out of the park with story development and zombie goodness in this series. In this volume B is fighting her emotions in regards to the Angels group she has joined. B is trying to not care about the group, her logic being not caring = staying alive. However it’s not working. Between hours of training and the occasional mission the group is becoming a family.

When B is given a book as a gift, it’s the last straw. She runs. While trying to figure out her emotions B is kidnapped by a former soldier that held her and another group of revived’s captive.


Through this capture B discovers how the other half (i.e. the rich half), has been living after the apocalypse. They are bored, so bored they have zombie gladiator games and now B is their star attraction. B is disinterested in the games initially until she finds out that one of the gang is a psychopath who has a group of young human children set aside for his personal entertainment. They offer B a deal, if she fights a at full strength they wont let the kids die.
B takes the challenge, but as the weeks pass she begins to tire and reconsider her decision to go it alone.


Like the other volumes in this series this book was fast paced and very entertaining! B has been growing emotionally through out the series and continues to in this volume as well. The illustrations continue to add a macabre touch to the stories as well.

Cant wait for the next book in the series.

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