Horrormi | 11 August 2014 |

This was the first ever book i read of Darren Shan’s. I knew that I’d love it because of the title, and the image. As a zombie lover, I think Darren Shan did right to change the typical appearance and movement of the zombies. Not many zombie novels make zombies burn in sunlight, which results in them only coming out at night. I thought that was an amazing idea.


Continuing to the story itself, Zom-B is about a teenage girl (B Smith) who isn’t the stereotypical teenager. She is different from others who has to put up with a racist father, but soon has to put up with a zombie apocalypse. Through the struggles and fights against the infected, comes twists and eventually a cliffhanger that will make you want to know what happens next. The story is very well written and will always keep you hooked in the entire time, until you reach the end.


In my opinion, this Zom-b series has got to be one of the best set of zombie novels there is going. My favourite character is B Smith because she’s not your everyday teenager, and she’s like me in some ways. All the characters felt real because, they’re all unique in different ways which makes them stand out from the story. I love that in stories, because you get a better understanding of the character.


The story kept me guessing, especially B because she’s unpredictable. You never know what the B-ster will do next. Some parts of the story are high in tension so even the story is unpredictable. For me, when the tension was high in the story, the faster I read to know what happened next.


Everything was written well, but i thought when the zombies attacked, and the description of the zombies was amazingly written. It gave a clear image of what was happening in the book, and what the zombies looked like.


When i finished the book, I didn’t want to wait, I wanted to go buy the series, so far, to know what happened next. If you decide to read this book, it will leave you wanting more at the end.


I loved this book, and I will never get bored of it. I would suggest that, if you’re a zombie lover, you need to read all the zom-b books in the series.

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