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Lord Loss is a demon, everyone fears him. All except one. For once, someone has been able to conquer their feelings when Lord Loss has tormented him several times. Grubbs has accepted the truth, destiny is inevitable.


What would you do if suddenly one day, your family died a tragedy and found three demons lingering around in your parents’ room? Once again, Grubbs has suffered all this. After that, everyone around him looked devious, like there was a lifetime of secrets, waiting for him to discover. Finally, he has found someone he can trust… perhaps the only one he can trust.


My favorite part is when Lord Loss kills Grubbs’s beloved family, and how Darren Shan describes how he felt and how his heart seemed to disappear. This is my favorite part is because I really felt like Grubbs myself, and I could feel his fears and woes inside my heart. The details in this book are heart-pounding, and they always make you hungry for more.


I personally think the main idea is about caring for others and being unselfish. I have read the whole series, so I think it’s obvious. It’s sort of easy to find. The books don’t say it directly, but it shows clues to make you realize what the book is really trying to tell you. I understand the moral because at the last book, magicians, werewolves, and immortals form a team, despite how the werewolves can be pretty demanding sometimes.


I think this book is brilliant. Perfect, almost. In my point of view, this book is fantastic, I read it several times already and still enjoyed it the same as the first. It’s fast-paced, but slows down on real dramatic parts, so you won’t feel bored or anything. Most of the people have a least favorite part in a book, but I don’t. I liked every sentence, every word. The word choice is fantastic, and you just want to look it up in the dictionary because you don’t dare skip a word, you’re afraid that you would not understand the story. The point is, the Demonata series includes some of the best books I’ve ever read.


I would recommend this book to people who like horror and action books. It includes werewolves, monsters, and those sort of things. They will gobble it up like demons gobble humans up.

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