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“One of the horrifying creatures darted for them , reaching for Brian drooling as it moved towards him”. (shawn Intro) That was from the book zom-b Darren shan. the genre is fiction this book is about a character named becky who struggles with an abusive dad, and her nice mom who gets abused by the dad. then horror struck in ireland …… zombies….. attacked…… ireland. it takes place in london. then b (becky)had a terrible dream of zombies attacking their village.which she cannot stop dreaming of. then all of a sudden towards the end of the book zombies attack their school…. so its up to the students to figure out how the students will survive.


the last part i just read was when b fell asleep in her class and one of her friends randomly whispered “fire” in her ear. which to me was really weird and she jolted awake. here is a passage from the book i just read “i barely listen in class at the best of times. today i tuned out completely and scribbled some drawings over my books.” Finally i thought this was really a good book.This part made me think of are zombies actually real!? (just kidding) my favorite character was b because she is brave like me.


Overall, i think this book is awesome!. anyway i would recommend this book to kids that are over kid years. what i mean by that is more like teens should read this book because it talks about blood and gore, which is kind of bad for little kids to read this book. Finally i hope you read this book and if you do BEWARE!!!!!!!!!......of ZOMBIES!!!!!

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