Ice Queen's Bookshelf | 14 April 2014 | Irene van Benthem

Ok so this book is not as great as I thought it would be, it is pretty slow, but maybe that's just because it is the first book in a serie of 12 or maybe because I have seen the movie before reading the book. Yes I know I shouldn't have, but I didn't know about the book, before I had seen the movie. It was when I read the back of the movie that I figure out that is was actually a book.


Shit happens, so after being on my wishlist forever I finally got the chance to buy it a little while ago. I actually have the omnibus but I wanted to review the books one at a time. This book tells the story of how Darren became the vampires assistent, nothing more and nothing less. So I decided to watch the movie again to see why I didn't like the book. There is just so much more action there, and I am afraid the movie ruined the reading experience for me.


So the lesson here is: don't watch the movie before reading the book. I still think it is a great book and am definitely going to continue this series and hope it will get better from here on. And hopefully the overlap with the movie will end soon.


The result: 3 stars for this book! 

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