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I've seen a few negative reviews for this book and I have to make the point that I am reviewing this in context. It's the first of a 12 book series, with each book telling part of the story. As a standalone book I'll admit that it's probably not worth reading but as the beginning to an epic 12 part series it really is. Although writing it without spoilers is quite a challenge.


The book begins with a zombie attack in a small Irish town. It then continues by following the story of B, who assumes it was some kind of publicity stunt or something, certainly not what it seemed. Most of the book follows B's life which includes school, antisocial behaviour with mates and a racist and abusive father. Racism is one of the major themes as the book explores how B's father influences B and the effect growing up with racism has on a person.


The zombies don't make that much of an appearance here but when they do Shan's story comes to life as the master of horror proves why he is worthy of the title. Zombies tear through the school and B and a group of peers try to escape, but many of them don't make it. Towards the end there are several massive twists which change everything, especially the last one. I have literally no idea how the series will continue from this point.


A short but great book which sets up what will definitely be a great series. I rate this at least as highly as Shan's series openers for The Saga of Darren Shan and The Demonata. Shansters will love it! 5/5

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