Into Geek | 26 April 2013 | Dan

This continuation of the Zom-B saga sees the now undead but somehow still functioning B Smith emerge into the real world- London during the zombie apocalypse.


The book actually feels a lot like how most zombie stories again. Main character enters the zombie filled world having somehow missed what actually happened. Shan does it at least as well as anyone- B soon realises their is little hope left for humanity with 5/7 of the world's population now dead (or undead). No-one else seems to be like her and the feeling of loneliness is well captured.


The best bits of the story are when B bumps into survivors including a gang of zombie killers, a man painting the apocalypse and a cult with some very bizarre beliefs. For various reasons though none of these people are around for long and B is largely by herself. There's also another appearance from creepy clown Mr. Dowling, as you might expect from the cover, but it's relatively fleeting and doesn't really change the story at all.


And that's my problem with this. It's a brilliant tale of wandering through zombie-infested London but there's very little to set it apart from any other zombie story. After the brilliance we've had so far I kind of expected something more in terms of plot development but virtually nothing actually comes. It's fairly bog-standard zombie fare in it's content, though at least it's very well done bog-standard zombie fare. 3 Stars.

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