Into Geek | 13 September 2013 | Dan

(Spoilers for books 1-3 of the series but spoiler-free for this one)


After Zom-B City the undead B finds her way to City Hall where a mysterious Doctor welcomes her to a sanctuary for the revitalised zombies, or the angels as he calls them. Eventually the Doctor gives us lots of the answers we have been waiting for, giving some explanations into how the zombie plague came about, how B survived and who the scary clown Mr. Dowling is.


It's probably not great as a standalone book as it is fairly light on the action and heavy on the talk but I get the feeling that the remaining eight books will be really heavy on the action! This book speeds the series along and finally gives us some answers, although how accurate these answers are remains to be seen.


Clearly an important book in terms of plot for the series, this one leads us into the meat of the series and in quite a different direction to Shan's usual work. Intrigued to see where it will go next. 4 Stars.

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