It's All Relative | 26 September 2014 |

The story is set in modern London and follows the character of B Smith, a young teenager coping with a racist father, hooligan friends and boring school. If life wasn't hard enough already, news begins to surface of a zombie outbreak in Ireland. Unsure of whether its fact or faked, B chooses to go on with life regardless...until Zombies over run the school.


This is another Darren Shan book filled with gore, horror and mayhem. It follows the same thread as many of his other book series, a protagonist main character and a demonic adversary. If you are already a Darren Shan fan you will not be disappointed with this book, if not then after reading this book you will become one. It is plainly written but well executed, it allows the reader to flow through the story without any great difficulty.

Throughout the book there are illustrated pictures depicting scenes and characters, I feel these add to the overall story being told, helping the reader to immerse themselves into the story and characters.

If the reader is squeamish then be wary of this book as it is particularly gorey.

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