Jegz Loves Tea | 19 September 2014 | Rachael

Aimed at a younger audience, you could say that Darren Shan is the James Herbert of the teenage fiction world. Zom-B Circus is a short story that doesn't follow B Smith in the Zom-B books. If you're looking for something new to read and you've not yet read any of the Zom-B series, I highly recommend you start with this and you will definitely be intrigued!


Darren Shan isn't your average run of the mill kind of story teller, so if you're expecting a typical story about a zombie apocalypse and the survival of humans against monster, you'll be pleasantly surprised, because let's face it, the zombie thing has been done to death these days.


Cat Ward is a teacher in a high school when it is over taken by zombies, she's ruthless and will do anything to survive, including throwing school kids to the zombies. Callously, she continues to sacrifice humans in order to save herself, which came as a surprise to me as normally Shan's characters are pretty damn loveable!


Taken into consideration his younger readers, Shan incorporates a nasty lesson for Cat which is presented as an excellent plot twist at the end!


For fans of the Zom-B series, this is a great little additional story which doesn't effect the series, but keeps some other characters fresh in our minds, such as the creepy babies, Kinslow and of course Mr Dowling himself!

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