Jenn Renee Read | 01 November 2012 |

This is the first Darren Shan book I have read and I was really excited to read the book. Who doesn’t like a good zombie story? The cover is awesome looking and I admit I mainly went off the cover and the name. I really didn’t read too much of the synopsis. I was in for a different story than expected for sure.

B is a teenager that comes from a pretty messed up family. B’s dad beats her mom and occasionally B, when she can get in the way so her dad leaves the mom alone. B’s dad is very very racist too. He hates any race that isn’t his (British). B’s family watches the news one night to see recorded zombie attacks and the only one that believes they are real is B’s mom. B goes to school, bullies anyone of a different race or smaller than she is and gets in trouble. The next day at school she gets trapped in the school with other kids of many races and they have to work together to survive.


So I was expecting more zombies less issues. I am very happy to see the author attack things such as bullying, abuse, and racism. These are all good issues to deal with and to know they are wrong, but I really thought this was more a zombie book. Zombies really didn’t show up until the end of the book. That was a little disappointing for me; however other than that it was a pretty good story.


The story really didn’t concentrate too much on anyone but B and her dad. B is not a likable character. She is mean, racists, and a coward. Her only saving grace is that the author was able to convey just how crappy her home life was and why she is the way she is. She tries to be strong at home, tries to keep her mother from being beat up, tries to agree with her father just to keep the peace, but at school, she is just not likable at all. She decides to be just like her dad instead of trying to be someone better. In the end she gets a little better and I am eager to see where the next book takes her.


The book was well written. The book contained a ton of English jargon, which I enjoyed and thought was very entertaining. The book was very well paced and it did keep me very interested. I felt the characters and even though I didn’t like them, they were well done.


Good fast read, just expect more drama than zombies. I will continue the series to see where it goes.


3/5 stars

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