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I am not really a fan of Horror books.. It's just never been something that I really enjoyed. However, when I saw Zom-B I thought it sounded pretty interesting. I've been watching a show with Zombies each week, so I thought it would be a fun book to try. Let me go ahead and assure you that this book is plenty creepy. I was actually not expecting it to be as creepy or gory as it actually got. I have never read any of Darren's books but from what I have seen, he is really good at writing these types of books. And I think you can see that in Zom-B.


I decided to read this book right before Halloween, and I think it was perfect timing. It just felt like an awesome book to read for the holiday, and I wasn't disappointed. It took me awhile to get into the story, because quite honestly it does pick up a little slow, you have to get about half way in before things really start to get good. I can't go into much detail because it's such a short book and pretty much everything could be considered a spoiler. But I felt like if it would have picked up a little sooner it could of been a lot better. When you're dealing with such a short book, having a slower build up can really hurt it. Thankfully in the case of Zom-B even with the somewhat slow buildup things ending up going nicely and I really enjoyed the story and the way things progressed after that little bump in the beginning.


The characters in Zom-B were okay. I enjoyed them, but I was more focused on the story and B to really be focused on anything else. I felt like the story was a little more engaging than most of the characters in the book. I don't feel like it hurt the book though, in this case I felt like most of the focus should of been on the story and B. While you do see quite a few other characters, I just don't think a lot of them were very memorable.


The ending... Talk about a cliffhanger. Let's just say I will be reading book two. I was expecting there to be a cliffhanger, but not one that big. I feel like everything leading up to it played out nicely though. And looking back, that was a pretty awesome way to end it. It will leave you scratching your head, and also leave you really excited to dive into the next book. Got to love when authors do that, it's a good way to get people to continue a series though especially if they enjoyed the book.


Overall Zom-B was decent. It's short which is a plus, had it been longer I don't really feel like I would of enjoyed it that much. And I thought the illustrations were a cool touch, it also helps the book feel like a faster read. It's hard to say who this book will appeal to, I am not one to normally read a book like this so it surprised me. If it sounds interesting to you, then by all means I would suggest that you try it out. As I said, it's nice a short so you can't really go wrong with it.

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