| 27 April 2010 | Hannah E
Allies of the Night, instalment 8 of the Saga of Darren Shan finished on one hell of a cliffhanger (with the Vampires trying to escape from an underground cavern and the clutches of the Lord of the Vampaneze). Killers of the Dawn opens with Darren and his Vampire friends escaping with a few hostages through the filthy tunnels into daylight and temporary freedom.All seems well as they reach the apartment with the hostages Steve Leonard and the Vampet, but it seems the Vampaneze have outsmarted the Vampires on this occasion as Darren Shan and his Vampire friends have been properly set up. Most of the rest of the book is concerned with trying to get out of the situation they land in, courtesy of the Vampaneze. I wouldn’t want to say too much but Darren ends up getting in major trouble with the police and then gets caught up in a massive media frenzy as Darren, Crepsley and Harkat are blamed for the spate of recent murders before being able to return to the underground cavern and try to exact vengeance on the Lord of the Vampaneze.Many secrets are revealed in this episode of the saga including who the Lord of the Vampaneze really is. Unfortunately one of the Vampires is sacrificed in the War, but you’ll have to read Killers of the Dawn to find out who!Any Cop?: Of course! Would you expect any less from the master storyteller that is Darren Shan.
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