Children's Literature (USA) | 01 May 2006 | Mark Love
This is book 9 in the best-selling "Cirque Du Freak" series, as Darren Shan and his fellow vampires continue their war against the evil race of vampires known as the vampaneze and their human allies, the vampets. For much of the story, Darren and his friends are being pursued by the police and their vampeneze enemies. This includes a daring escape from police headquarters and a fast-paced and suspenseful pursuit through the city. The pursuit leads to a violent underground confrontation between Darren and the vampires and an army of vampaneze and vampets, including their leader, the Lord of the Vampaneze. Darren and his friends believe that they will win the war if they can kill the Lord of the Vampaneze. Also at stake in the fight is the freedom of Debbie, Darren's girlfriend, who is being held captive by the vampaneze. This is an exciting, action-packed novel that older kids, particularly horror fans, should enjoy. However, be warned, there is a high level of violence—sometimes graphic—throughout the book.
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