| 01 May 2006 | Carlie Webber
The Vampaneze Lord still eludes Darren Shan, Vancha March, and Larten Crepsley. They know he has followers and minions, people who can't kill them but can seriously cripple their chances of killing the Vampaneze Lord and saving the fates of vampires worldwide. Darren, Vancha, and Larten have taken Steve Leopard, Darren's former friend, hostage, but Steve always seems to be one step ahead of them. Accused of murder, the three hunters are accosted by law enforcement and forced to split up. Hostages are traded and Vancha finds an unusual if welcome ally in the local police chief.Following Steve Leopard's lead, the hunters find the underground lair of the Vampaneze Lord. But when the Vampaneze Lord's identity is revealed, Darren, Vancha, and Larten realize that the War of the Scars has a long way to go before the end.KILLERS OF THE DAWN is the third in the Vampire War trilogy, setting up the final three books in the saga of Darren Shan. Current fans will enjoy the resolutions in this book, but those new to Shan's world of vampires are better off starting at the beginning of the series. Shan's trademark rollercoaster ride of blood and guts is as strong as ever, and Darren experiences another loss of someone close to him, sealing his fate as the hunter of the Vampaneze Lord.
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