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Zom-B Angels is the fourth installment of Darren Shan’s new Zom-B series, following the adventures of B Smith, a revitalised (i.e. still has her brain) zombie.


In this latest chapter of B’s life, we come to understand more of how the zombie epidemic came about and what, if anything, is to be done about it. We also come to learn more about certain characters and their motives.


B encounters Dr. Oystein, a scientist who has been a revitalised zombie for many years. He helps B physically and mentally – healing her body to whatever extent it can be, and puts her through her paces by training her with Master Zhang, a master in combat. As ever, B is curious as to what has, and will, happen with the zombies, and Dr. Oystein answers many of her, and the reader’s, questions. She also meets other revitalised zombies who have gathered at London’s County Hall, the new headquarters of Dr. Oystein and his ‘Angels’ (revitalised zombies). B also encounters people she met whilst incarcerated in Zom-B Underground, some of which she isn’t so keen to have back in her life.


The most interesting part of this book was in the last couple of chapters, when Dr. Oystein reveals all he knows about the zombie epidemic, revelations that we, the readers, have been waiting for . Without giving too much away, the question of religion and the possibility of higher beings interfering with human life are thrown into the mix and give an interesting explanation not only to the zombie presence but also the existence of Mr. Dowling. The history of Dr. Oystein and his encounter with the Nazis was also a fascinating turn of events, and one that, quite frankly, would fully make sense if it were real and does indeed give the story some semblance of reality, as the experiments conducted during the Nazi regime were just as horrifying and despicable. I certainly commend Shan on his inclusion of such subject matter and the way he’s mixed reality and fiction.


Once again Shan has created a world that the reader can really get into. In the same way as The Saga of Darren Shan was woven, the Zom-B series is being set-up in a very similar manner: throw protagonist into the fire, teach them how to fight then fire, and then (hopefully) come out the other side, one way or another. It’s Shan’s perfect blend of characters and story that make his stories so readable, and this latest story in the Zom-B series is no exception. I eagerly await Zom-B Baby, available September 2013.

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