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As it began, now it will end. Hell’s Heroes is the tenth and final book in the Demonata series by Darren Shan. It brings the series full circle, even ending with the same poem that the series started with in the first book.

Bec, Kernel, and Grubbs are the three parts of a weapon older than the universes and time itself. They have the power, when they’re together, to end one of the universes, the universe of the Demonata where savage demons roam free, or their own. They don’t know how to control the incredible power they have, but they know they have to stay together. But their plan is ruined when Bec is captured by Lord Loss, a demon master who is their worst enemy. Even worse, she seems to have joined the side of the Demonata. Would she really turn on her own people, people linked to her so deeply with the most powerful force in history? And if she did, why?

Hell’s Heroes was an ok ending to a great series. The very ending part itself was less than impressive, I expected something a lot bigger from such a big series. Its ending was also similar to the ending of the Saga of Darren Shan/Cirque de Freak, which was especially obvious because the series were released close to each other, with no other books in between. But, even though the whole ending is similar, it’s not so similar as to tip off the reader before it’s made obvious if they’ve read both series. The ending, although I’m not going to give it away here, seemed like too much of a “and it was all just a dream, and they woke up.” ending. It was still a good ending, and not very predictable unless you could pick up on all the clues previously in the series.

Hell’s Heroes, while not outstanding, was still a great book in The Demonata series.

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