Teen Titles (UK) | 28 April 2010 | Various
[Teen Titles is a Scottish book magazine which features reviews from teenage readers. These are the reviews they published about Lord Loss.]Grubitsch Grady has just experienced the horror of his parents and sister being murdered. When he goes to live with his uncle, he begins to learn about and understand his family's tragic history. Grubbs and his uncle must battle with the Demon Master, Lord Loss, to lift the family curse and save themselves.Although I enjoyed this first book in the new series, I found The Saga flowed more and was easier to read. This was a bit more disjointed in the way it was written. The start was very gory -- I would say this book should be for S3 and up. The second half was more like the Darren Shan we all know and love. I liked the ending, which left things well open for number 2. James Sherman.Interesting development in the direction that Darren Shan has taken here, but the style isn't different enough to make it totally shocking to me. (It was getting pretty gruesome by book 12 of The Saga.) The main chill came at the beginning, then it settle back into Darren's usual horror and mayhem. I enjoyed the book and I'll read the next one too. Gary McRae.This was recognisable Darren Shan, but a good few shades darker than his first series. At the very beginning it seemed very ordinary, then it changed dramatically very quickly (it felt very like Tunnels of Blood to me then). I liked the way Dervish was developed slowly, so you didn't know if he was good or evil, or where he really fits into life. I wouldn't give this to younger kids because they might be upset by the gruesome beginning, although if they have read the first series -- maybe not. Joe Main.Quite gruesome, especially in the first couple of chapters, and more shcoking because it happened to a real family. After a high-powered start, the book slowed down a bit in the middle before hotting up at the end again (to make you want to read book number 2!!). I felt sickened, although I like being scared. In fact, most teenagers like being scared -- that's why Darren Shan's so popular. Dean Sidey.Lord Loss is the best book I have ever read. The descriptions are absolutely amazing and the story is brilliant because it starts off fast, slows down and then reaches top speed. I don't usually read fantasy but this is the greatest book ever. I can't wait to read Demon Thief. BLAIR WATSON, Castlebrae Community High.After reading this book, Darren Shan has become one of my favourite authors because he knows how to target his writing for people our age - his writing seems intellectual and uses logic but you can understand and enjoy it. Lord Loss made me realise that Darren Shan's writing is not just for boys. lt was really fast-paced and there were new things happening all the time. I read it in one sitting and would highly recommend it as a great read. REBECCA DICKSON, Castlebrae Community High.
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