| 28 April 2010 | Deborah Hern
Grubbs Grady is about to find out that his name is far from the worst thing that will happen to him in his life. He knows that his parents and older sister are keeping something from him, and he’s determined to find out what that is. Arriving home unexpectedly, he’s met with a scene of unimaginable horror. His parents and sister have been brutally murdered, and Grubbs speaks to one of the killers, who introduces himself as Lord Loss, before running for his life.Of course, the police don’t believe Grubbs when he tells them that demons killed his family. They believe he’s in shock and send him to doctors. Since the doctors don’t believe the truth, they can’t help him, either. Finally, his Uncle Dervish arrives and tells Grubbs that he believes. When Grubbs is finally able to leave the hospital, he goes to live with Uncle Dervish, who clearly knows a thing or three about the supernatural in general, and about what happened to his family in particular. But Dervish seems unwilling to fully explain. Poking around, Grubbs discovers some very frightening things about his family legacy.This book says “Ages 15 and up,” and that’s pretty accurate. There’s a lot of graphic violence and gore in this book. Readers who are easily scared or sickened by this should look elsewhere for entertainment. Those readers who can handle these things will find a very interesting and unique novel here. There are several twists and turns, right up until the last page. This is the first in a new series by the author of the CIRQUE DU FREAK books, but this series promises to be much, much darker and more horrifying. Great for Halloween reading.
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