| 01 September 2006 | Carlie Webber
With the end of the world approaching, there's only one thing Darren Shan can do.He returns to his childhood home.Darren knew that things would change in the time he was away becoming a Vampire Prince and fighting the war, but he's forgotten how quickly things can move in the human world. His best friends from school are now adults. His parents have moved out of their home and his sister had a baby. The mayhem from the wars doesn't seem to have affected Darren's hometown much.Life around the Cirque du Freak is mostly uneventful until a childhood friend of Darren's is attacked by the vampaneze. On the scene of the attack are the leaders of the vampaneze, including Steve Leopard and Gannen Harst, and a strange little boy named Darius.Darren knows that he or Steve must become the Lord of the Shadows, but the question is: Who will win the final battle? How can the vampires fight against the human armies recruited by the vampaneze? The War of the Scars is crucial to the destiny of vampires, vampaneze and humans. Darren has the power to change it all if he doesn't die in the attempt.All of your favorite characters, from Vancha March to Evanna the witch, are back for the penultimate episode of Darren Shan's vampire coming of age. Even though Darren believes the war could go on for another 50 or 60 years, there are still plenty of battles and tragedy here. Darren, fearful for his humanity, and Steve, willing to use whatever violent means are necessary to win the war, are ready for their final showdown and what promises to be a thrilling, bloody series conclusion.
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