timesonline.co.uk | 19 July 2004 | Louis (age 11)
This is the 11th book in the Saga of Darren Shan series. The books are about a boy who is a vampire going on adventures, going into war, travelling the world and loads more. Darren Shan is the author and the main character as well. He wasn't always a vampire but in the first book he became one to save his best friend's life.Vampires live in the real world and look like humans, but they are much stronger, faster, and age one tenth slower than humans. It's like Harry Potter because most humans don't know about the vampires, but it's different because the humans do get involved in the stories more. The vampires are nice. When they drink human blood they don't kill the humans or turn them into vampires (you need to get vampire blood inside you to become a vampire).A lot of the books involve the vampaneze. These are a group of people who are at war with the vampires. They are exactly the same as vampires but they have purple skin so they cannot pass as a human. The vampaneze are the baddies in the stories. When they drink from a human they kill the human.The books are the most gripping books I have ever read. I, my sister and all my friends all read them and are dying for the next one to come out. Unfortunately this is the last but one of the series. The author has announced that the end of the Darren Shan series will come after the 12th book.In the 11th book Darren Shan goes back to his home town after fifteen years away. All his friends from school are grown up but he is still a teenager. The vampaneze have been killing lots of humans in the town. Some of Darren's old friends have been trying to raise an army of humans to drive them out. At the end there is a showdown and Darren has to choose between good and evil. I can't wait for the last book.
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