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As a big fan of Darren Shan , I naturally bought the 5th part of the Zom -B series , because I wanted to know how it goes with B and the others. Zom -B Baby sets up where Zom -B Angels has stopped. B is still with the Angels, but she has doubts about Dr. Oystein. Is he really been chosen by God? And what role they should play in all this? Because it makes sense that she and Rage get into the hair and she decides to leave. When she meets again to Timothy, he shows her something amazing that henceforth dominates their thoughts .


After the action-packed last part, this was a little quieter. As Shan said himself, the plot of the two volumes (4 and 5) should be described originally in a band, but it was ultimately too much for substance. That's why he has some scenes inserted to stretch the contents of something . This can be seen also as these scenes are mainly conversations between B and the other characters, but I think that this was a good change. The conversations revolve around issues such as religion, if there is a God and if so, why he should let the zombies overrun the world? Here you can get a deeper insight into B's thoughts and feelings and I think that this is still helpful for the subsequent volumes.


Beautiful was also a reunion with Timothy, I personally likes and from which one gets to know a different side . And Rage seems to be different than you think. I like that because it brings in tension and gives the characters more depth. Since the story takes place in London yes, Shan also brings different places of this city skillfully in its history, including the London Eye and the London Dungeon. Class, I think, because the history is more real aspects. The images are as always great, even if I had imagined the baby already creepy. Even with the English I have no problems, it's also a YA :)


I give the book 4 out of 5 brains, consequently, there's a bit more action would have been perfect , but I hope in the next volume. :)


4/5 stars

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