Matthewrbell | 13 July 2014 | Matthew R Bell

Holy crap! Holy buggering crap! The best installation to the series so far, and it's all shaping up to be the best YA series I've read in a while. Angels was fantastic. It's hard not to just blurt out all the juicy, gory, mind-bending secrets of the Zom-B world. But I won't, because I want you to learn them and to have this feeling I'm experiencing now. The thing that makes me most happy is the fact that there's tons more to come. Mr Shan, you fail to disappoint, my only problem is the fact I didn't start the series sooner, but I'm glad I was able to buy them in bulk. Just a friendly reminder for anyone who hasn't started the series yet, or are not this far, my review will probably contain SPOILERS. It gets harder to be careful the further through the books I get.


Okay, taking a breath, calming down.........


After the compelling cliffhanger of the previous book, B Smith finds herself immersed with a new group of revitaliseds, led by a mysterious scientist. Far from trusting them, B withholds judgement for the time being, scrutinising their mission to help humanity, looking for holes, waiting for the other shoe to drop as it usually does. But she's intrigued nonetheless. Is this the place for her? Or is it idiocy to even hope?
There are spectacular revelations in this instalment, with some vital questions being answered. Well, that's if we can trust those answers, the best lies are the most elaborate, the ones that contain some sliver of truth, and it's finding that truth that's the real test. There's action, zombies and intrigue up to high heaven, Angels is truly riveting.

This part of the series focuses on B's sort of search to find her way in the world, her need for hope even though she's almost positive it's futile. It teaches us all that a little doubt can be a good thing, even in the most conclusive situations. It's never a bad thing to debate for yourself, to check and double-check until your happy with the answer.

B's also becoming a lot more open-minded, with her clearly trying her hardest to change what comes easiest to her, while dealing with being one of the undead. There's even a part in the book where her racist tendencies are put to the test, and she excels in squashing her behaviour, even surprising herself when she realises she's made a friend. Old characters also make a reappearance, and it's heart-warming, in a cold kind of way. There are also enthralling new characters spicing things up, and I'm more than excited to see how things progress.


Damn there aren't enough hours in the day. Damn sleep.


5/5 stars

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