Matthewrbell | 14 July 2014 | Matthew R Bell

Before I go on to the review, I'd just like to officially state that the cover for this instalment is crazy creepy. I mean proper nightmare material. *Shivers* Bravo to the artist, it really pictures the books content. Baby was another great novel, I really am completely immersed by this world and its story. I'm flying through the series, and I know I'm going to reach the most recent book far too soon. Bring me more! I couldn't be happier though, it's worth the wait, and my excitement for the series hasn't dwindled in any way, all I want is more meaty stories to devour.


B Smith is having a little bit of an identity crisis, but who wouldn't when zombies take over and you're dead. After the stunning answers in Angels, she doesn't know what to believe, who to trust or what to do. Time for a break away from reality, and as B searches, not even knowing what she's looking for, fresh horrors decide it's time to find her....

I was trembling through parts of Zom-B Baby. So far the images conjured in this entry have been chilling. Like Zom-B City, Baby isn't an instalment full of much wanted answers, but of frustratingly juicy questions instead. I'm even trying to predict what's next, to see if I can piece together the answers myself, but when it comes to Mr Shan I shouldn't bother. I know I'll never get it, and when we find out, it will be epically spectacular.

Baby spends a lot of time on faith, and the problems believing in something you don't know for sure is there that that entails. How do you trust in something you have no guarantee will help and protect you? Even though B's world is filled to the brim with undead, you'd think she'd be a little more open to the impossible, but that's a double-edged blade. If there was some divine deity, why didn't it prevent such pain and suffering from happening? It's a debate that is still passionately fought in reality today, and in all likelihood, will still be waging for the rest of time.

I get the feeling that five books in the stage for the rest of the series is set. The characters strike me as mostly permanent fixtures, with less new characters and more previous ones. B herself is on a road of self-discovery in this entry. Since finding a place she can tentatively call home, she struggles accepting the new impossibilities she's being told, and Baby shows her journey to being more open in things she may never know for sure are out there.


5 Stars, rolllll on Gladiator.

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