Moore Teens Unite | 05 October 2013 | Luke

This series is getting better, creepier, gorier, and more nightmare inducing. It's already up to four volumes with a fifth volume soon to hit our shelves, so you have some catching up to do. however, with Halloween around the corner this is the perfect time! Each volume is a quick read, that leaves you wanting to tear open a fresh volume like the shambling undead tear open skulls! Sorry, that was a little gross, but NOTHING compared to the fiendish horrors and atrocities that Shan has nightmared up for us! Mr. Dowling is absolute nightmare fuel and every time he shows up something gut wrenching (often literally) is sure to happen. It filled we with a perverse sense of dead and eagerness to see what he would do next, which is the perfect thing in a horror book. I think Shan has really got a great protagonist with street tough B. She's just good enough and bad enough to both root for and be believable. Shan has also populated the world with some fascinatingly freaky survivors for her to run into and keeps thing fresh by introducing just enough new faces to feel lively without getting confusing as to who is who. It helps that he often slaughters loads of characters to keep you on your toes. sometimes I think that the REAL zombie plague is how many new zombie books and movies keep coming out, but this is one of the few shining stars in the field. Its fast paced, creepy, gross, and filled with some truly clever twists.

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