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Just as little warning first: You will not like B. Maybe you get the sudden urge to kick someone or yelling. Or hit in the face. B's father and soon enters the stage, the whole thing will only get worse.

In "Zom-B" to do it, even though the title suggests something else, primarily not about zombies but about racism. B's father could be described as a prime example. He rails against foreigners and those that it deems such, advocates violence against her and frowned even courageous actions when they help someone who might have a different nationality. At home, he is the ruler, his word is law and who does not spurt gets to feel his own. In this environment, the main character grew up, B is dominated by now quite well, in the right moment to be quiet or change the subject to n - what can not be said of the mother. Ultimately, both often get to feel enough punches and as crazy as it sounds, but B tries to look good for this guy. It's just the father, right?


It's frustrating, and realistic on a bitter way. So many times I thought B also yelling to be reasonable, I think it is good that the book was written, as it was just written. It shows where it can lead us if we prefer the simple, yes, go in this case also the coward's way out, because it's easier. We become what we abhor secretly, until we no longer can be sure who or what we are about. It requires a lot of effort to get us back on the right path then return (or rather the non-right), but it is possible.


"Zom-B" is concerned with the logic of racism and completely missing with the nonsensical excuses that you rightly puts himself in order to feel better. So you are not racist, if you have a colored friend? Does not really. But it is something that many claim rant in the next minute but again against "the other".


Despite its brevity, the book keeps us up to a mirror and shows us how to think for themselves in stereotypes - because there is no other way, too - and how we draw conclusions for which there has actually been any occasion. Hats off to Mr. Shan, they got me! I had to fight my way quite often the hair and from time to laugh sometimes, pleases me even more.


Quite the zombies may be missing but not yet, and they are introduced in the end but just as mysterious clues that point to mastermind in the background. But much is in this respect and in the end is never without "Zom-B" above all: an introduction. Little is therefore not happened, but that tends to affect B's personality.


4/5 stars.


Shan is back, maybe even better than ever? Will show up, because we are still at the very beginning of this journey and have only once B may know. The next steps are the zombies, but they are introduced in this volume only. The theme of the first book is much racism. The author goes on to an interesting and very effective way, I would almost say that it could help those who put themselves in a situation similar to B - on the other hand they will probably never read it before. Too bad.


All others I can only warmly recommend to read the book, and hopefully love. It has earned das.

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