Musha Books | 11 June 2010 | Shahir A. Razak

Slawter continues a few months after the first book (not second) of the Demonata series. This time, Dervish is invited to the set if the new, secretly produced film, Slawter that focuses on demons. But things get bizarre when Grubbs senses real demons on the set and when he asks Dervish about it, he says they're just really scary and detailed costumes. But Grubbs questions himself, "How much of it is a costume?"

Slawter is another brilliant entry from Darren Shan for his Demonata series. Full of grisly scenes and twisting plots, it rivals the first books, Lord Loss (not the second book cause I haven't read it yet but it's okay cause book 2 and 4 is just a backstory to the series.).

The story combines demons and mystery well, making it feel more like a mystery novel, Sherlock Holmes standard even. So, it was a good read. I had fun though I was quiet slow at reading it cause I was busy that week.

Rating: 8 / 10

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