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** spoiler alert ** Zom-B City. Kinda obvious from the last book underground, this book is about B being on ground level, the city!! It starts off a bit slow at the start cause I was expecting to be a lot of things happening right away, normally I don't really like books that are slow at the start but this time, I actually liked it this way. It kinda helps you into the character B, how she came out of the underground and into this "new" city. How she walks through London and finding more and more strange and deadly things.


I just went to London last month, so I quite enjoyed seeing B going to lots of trademark places like Tate modern. It's so weird that last month I went, Tate Modern was packed with people but when I'm really this book, it's talking about the same place but its like actual DEAD! With corpses and zombies close by and inside. Same with Covent Garden. A lovely busy tourist place, filled with wee shops and food and entertainers... Now its filled with zombies! woohoo! How great haha!


There was one scene near the end I really hated, the baby scene. It was DISGUSTING!!! But it's like when you're reading you just know Mr Dowling is going to kill the baby whether or not the mother choose the baby or everyone else. I hate "games" like his. Where you make a decision who should die so the others will live. But its obvious the baby is just going to die cause Mr Dowling is just a creepy character haha. But I never expect him to dip his finger in infected blood and fed it to the baby. Eugh!! I was imagining the whole scene when I read it and it's been stuck in my head all day! Lovely...

Darren Shan write horrors for children, and I've read most of the books, but normally the other "scary" stuff I don't find it scary, maybe sometimes I think it's a little bit gross. But I think Darren Shan really wrote something disgusting/scary this time. Well done Darren Shan! =)


4 Stars, and not 5 stars. I just think not a lot been told in this book when I was expecting maybe new zom heads will appear. I guess two new characters have appeared, mad artist guy and well owl man isn't new but he talked more and stuff so he's still kinda new to me I guess. I just feel most of the book was like a zombie london city tourist guide. Not much into the story. Since this is a fast pace book, thought a few questions would be answered.


But overall this was a good book. Really like the zombie at Tower Bridge. =D

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