My Teacher Loves Books | 12 January 2013 | Laura Messina

Well, I just sat down to start this book because- wait for it-Darren Shan is coming to OUR SCHOOL!!! So excited. He really writes books that reluctant readers re:boys, love. I start every year's reading minutes with Cirque du Freak. The kids always have positive reactions to this series. So when I saw that he had a new zombie series starting I was excited. Most of the zombie books out there are a bit to hard or philosophical for my lower readers. This one will grab them immediately. It is not for the faint of heart. Many skulls are opened up and a great deal of brains are feasted on. There are guts, broken bones, missing limbs and a completely racist and abusive father of the main character B. B is torn, B doesn't want to be like the father, but finds that a lot of times it is impossible to separate from him. B would rather be racist than be hit or abused by the father. As B and friends are trapped in their school, the zombies and the zombie leaders run rampant through the population. Don't get too attached to any character in the book, they may not make it. There is a spectacular twist that is not revealed until almost the end- well played Shan! And the last page will leave you reeling. Luckily, the sequel is out and on the way to my door as we speak. If you're up for a quick, gory read, this is the series for you. So my friends, if you are in the area on February 8th and want to check out Shan - stop on by the school. Until then, happy reading my friends!

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