Paranormal Sisters | 15 March 2014 | Ashley

Though I'm not a big fan of this series and mainly because of the main character, B, I still had to pick this up. Why you ask, because we finally FINALLY get answers to why the zombie apocalypse started. Though if you ask me, when we finally get to the answer (at the end of the book!) I wasn't really satisfied. I was waiting for this big shebang and then end up with this okay answer. Like I might have liked it if I liked the main character but since I don't, it was meh.
Overall, if the main girl B was so completely likable then I would love this series. It's got the action, the creepiness, and heart racing scenes with brain eating zombies. But since B is a racist b**** (and you may be a reader who likes that, we all have our own tastes) I just can't see myself continuing this series. Plus, she's so self centered, that's one of the things that drive me so crazy! I get having confidence but if you're at the point where you're becoming more cocky than confidence I want to slap a b**** haha. I got what I wanted (finally) out of this book and now that I discovered how the zombies came to be, I can now rest easy. Sadly it took the fourth book in the series to get to that point.....

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