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Caution! The following book review contains spoilers! Read at your own risk:


Zom-B City is the third book in the Zom-B series by Darren Shan. While the end of the first book (Zom-B) ended on an impressive note, Shan kept up the extraordinary standard of writing in the second, and now the third book. Zom-B City enlightens us more on the background story of Becky Smith, the main character of the Zom-B books. It dives more into her family, where she grew up and her childhood.


The third books also brings together two side plots from the other books in the series, providing more information on the mutants that Becky encountered throughout and Mr Dowling, the rather scary looking mutant clown. The way Shan intertwines these two sets of characters in simplistic, but still very effective. It leads to a definite “Ohhh” moment when reading. In the Zom-B city books, Shan focuses a lot on racism in children, and this is definitely continued in the third book. Shan addresses this topic expertly, as trying to introduce this topic to teenagers can be a struggle. The language Shan uses is compelling for the target audience, as it really makes them think, but does it in a subtle was as to not focus entirely on the matter.


The book ends on a sharp cliffhanger, as the other books in the series does. The superb language Shan has used attachment he has made between the character and the reader leaves you wanting more!


Overall, I feel that Zom-B is an amazing read for the middle-aged teenager, as the language isn’t overly complicated, but not too childish. The plot is easy to follow but still provides enough of a challenge to be engaging. I highly recommend this book for those around the age of 15. Now please excuse me, I’m off to read Zom-B Angels!

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