| 18 March 2008 | Nic
Whilst I have already broken my record for books read in a year with the Night Watch trilogy I came across this and read it the other day.I don’t know the author but I believe he wrote this some time ago and has rewritten it (sort of directors cut) and republished. The author is a well known fantasy writer aimed at the children’[s market.This book however is the first of a trilogy of adult books as he is trying possibly to grow up with his readers.The book is found in Fantasy section at the bookshop and reads for the most part as a gangster type book but it has a few great twists and turns will help keep you wondering all the way through. The ending is similar and really very enjoyable.The book is fast paced, easy to read and the author, for me, builds great characters and ones that you like.I am not someone who reads often but this year I have planned to do a book a month and reading books like this has helped really encouraged me to go and get more and hit my target.So give it a try, well worth it.
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