Meen’s Reading Journal (USA) | 18 June 2008 | ???

Darren Shan has for a few years now been a favourite of Tara’s. So when this title, his first book written for adults, became available, I had to read it in order to find out what all the fuss was about. When Capac Raimi arrives in the City, he is determined to make it big as a gangster and only too happy to turn to his uncle Theo for assistance. The City is being run by The Cardinal, who is in charge of everything, all powerful, ever present. Soon Raimi finds himself taken under The Cardinal’s wings. But as his star rises, Raimi runs into questions without answers. Why can’t he remember his life before arriving in The City; why, when people disappear is nobody able to remember them, and what does The Cardinal have in mind for him. A very dark story with no or few redeeming features for the main character. In the early stages of reading this book, I didn’t expect to like it very much. Yet, I found it impossible to put down. However, this is definitely an adult book. The library will have to re-think the Young-Adult category it placed this book in.

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