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When B's father first sees the news reports about zombies in Ireland, he laughs it off. Even if there were zombies, he doesn't care much about the Irish...or blacks, or Indians or anyone not up to his British standards. This bigotry infest B to. At first B makes like it's just an act, just pretending to have this hatred. When B acts out in school though, it seems to be more than just pretend hatred. B's friends also hear about the zombie attacks, they are a bit less skeptical. They are more concerned about B's racism. B's best friend is black and it doesn't make sense for B to hate others based on their skin. When the zombies come though, B will have to decided what really matters in life. Does being a person not native to England make you less important? Can B make it out alive and save some people too?


This is going to have to be a fairly short review. There's is such an amazing twist in this book and since this book is so short, I don't feel like I can talk too much about it without spoiling it in some way. B was an interesting character. It's weird to be in the mind of a maybe racist person. B's father is part of the Klan, so it's interesting to see how that affects B. B's father is also abusive towards B and his wife. B's almost too scared not to be a racist. It made me cringe a little all the hatred that is in this book and radiating from B.


Past the bigotry though, you get the gore. There was definitely a great amount of gore for a good zombie story. The only problem is how long it takes to get to the zombies. B's encounter with zombies takes up a small portion of this small book. It seemed a little rushed once they showed up. It was really amazing still though, but don't read this if you have a weak stomach.


Unfortunately, since this is an ARC I did not get to see the illustrations, but I have a copy coming soon so I'll get to check them out. I hope they fit well with the story.


The last 30 pages or so totally make this book shoot up to 4.5 stars. It was a good 3-3.5 star book before, but the last couple chapters just pulled everything together and punched me in the gut. The book sort of ends with a cliff hanger. I think the ending would work find as a stand alone novel. I crave more, but I feel satisfied with how it ends.


Definitely check this book out if you like a good zombie read. I can't wait for more of this series!

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