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B has survived the zombie attacks. Although, she was turned into a zombie, she was one of the lucky ones who revitalized which means even though she is dead, she still has her brain so she can think and reason. Struggling to survive in her current state, she has encountered others of her kind, some simply surviving and others, like Mr. Dowling, interested only in evil.


Convinced that she only has a year and a half or two left before what's left of her body fails her, B is stumbling from place to place in hopes that she can make a difference. When she begins noticing strange new signs around the city bearing red arrows, B decides to follow them. She discovers a group of young revitalized like herself led by a man named Dr. Oystein. He claims to have found ways to make their lives more comfortable and calls the young people who follow him his Angels.


When Dr. Oystein informs B that her life expectancy is actually several thousand years, she can hardly believe it. The news is welcoming but frightening at the same time. What is one to do for thousands of years when brains are the only food and sleep is impossible?


B doesn't see much choice in the matter. She hopes Dr. Oystein will allow her to become one of his Angels and learn more about how his organization works.


ZOM-B: ANGELS is book #4 in Darren Shan's new series. Different than his world of vampires, the ZOM-B books contain an interesting mix of creepy characters, gory details, in addition to some rather serious subjects.

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